app prototype
&found is an app concept that allows users to find lost items or submit found items.

the app would target large events like concerts, sporting events, and business conventions. the use of a qr code would be set up around the location so users could easily scan the code with a phone and be directly linked to the app if they have it downloaded or a webpage if they do not have it download.

my role

- collaborated with team members on product concept
- created branding including font, colors, and layout
- developed design prototypes in figma
- communicated with team members on design iterations
- lead exploratory sessions with potential app users

core functionality

you found something

problem: you were invited to join your friends at a sporting event. you eat all of the popcorn, beer, and twizlers your stomach can handle. as you get up to go, you drop your keys. you bend down to grab them and find a phone under the seat next to yours. the people sitting next to you have long gone. what do you do? pocket the phone in the hopes that you can get some $$ for it? try to unlock it to call someone in the contact list? hand it off to a security guard?

enter &found.

solution: provide a simple, worry-free lost and found solution for events.

and found item screen
for lost items, choose a common item or create a new one
and found item description screen
once an item is chosen, add details to help identify the item
and found submitted screen
submit a lost item and create a profile to track the status

you lost something

problem: imagine getting a ticket to your favorite concert. You can't wait to listen to live music, dance to your favorite songs, and enjoy time with your friends. Fast forward and the concert is over. You reach into your pocket to get your parking ticket out of your wallet but there is not wallet. What do you do? Scouer the arena floor for hours? Frantically ask people around you? Assume it was stollen quickly cancel all of your credit cards?

enter &found.

solution: provide a simple, worry-free lost and found solution for events.

and found push notification
receive a push notification once an item is found
and found found item screen
click the notification to easily locate the item
and found lost item queue screen
view a queue of lost items and their status
and found qr code
qr codes would be placed around the event venue for easy access to increase the probability people would turn in lost items.