fun fact: trifold projects were my jam in middle school. my mom still has a few. digital platforms have replaced the trifold, but i would still make one upon request. below are a few (non-trifold) projects i've enjoyed working on.

app prototype

privve app

privve is a real estate app for realtors, buyers, and sellers. it brings together all the platforms and processes that the real estate industry currently uses into one application. i oversaw the complete design, branding, and prototyping of the app as well as pitch deck creation and website build.

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privve app homescreen

app prototype project


cibo, pronounced che-bo, the Italian word for food, is a concept app designed while participating in a UX course. The app aims to minimize food waste by allowing users to input ingredients they already have and create recipes from those ingredients.

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and found app homescreen

app prototype


&found is a concept app that acts as a digital lost and found for event spaces. users can post found items or search for lost items, and easily pick up found items at designated pick-up locations. I designed the app interface and branding.

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and found app homescreen

web design & development

idaho luxe

idaho luxe is a high-end real estate agency that sells luxury homes in north idaho. I worked with the company to design and build a website that reflects their luxury brand to enhance their online presence and increase leads.

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not so fun fact: in my younger years, i would get so upset when my art didn't turn out exactly how i imagined it that i would rip it up. over time i learned that an idea can change and morph into something beautifully different.

graphics of different objectsfreda inspired portraitpainting of a lady with yellow hairgraphics of pickleball itemsgraphic of mom and daughter dancing in the kitchenpainting of a lady with red hair